Privacy Policy

The privacy of users of the Flutter Story Blog website is vital to us.

At Flutter Story, we distinguish that the privacy of your personal information is essential. Here is some information about what kind of private details we receive and obtain when you visit Flutter Story Media and how we defensive your relevant data.

Your personal information, including your email address, will never be sold to third parties.

How we can use details

For the operation of the services, we use data, such as:

  • Management of your account and provision of the Services.
  • Build your profile and maintaining it.
  • Focus on providing client service for you and respond to your queries.
  • Share information about Services with you.
  • Cookies and Web Beacons

We use Flutter Story cookies to store data about the visitor choices, record certain consumer information on which pages the user accesses or visits, personalize web page content rooted on the browser’s comer manner or other info that the visitor sends via the browser.

  • Google Analytics Cookie

We used Google Analytics to provide insights into consumer traffic sources, demographics, psychograph/consumer behavior, and other necessary information. We do not share the same for any commercial purpose.

 Google Analytics, the Customer ID, can also collect information on both New and Returning Users components.

  • Content Policy

Each of the blogs and content published on Flutter Story has been written exclusively by respected authors. Based on information found on the Internet from various sources, such as stuff, news, videos, television and many more, the articles are written after thorough research.

 In-kind, some of the data mentioned in the contents may vary, since they may have been published a long time ago.

We believe that the content presented here cannot be as effective as 100 per cent. It might be different from another source of information. We have reserved the opportunity to modify the content, remove content, and disable pages and info on this web site.

A carefully constructed Content Security Policy makes it easier to defend a page against cross-site scripting attacks. Flutter Story also helps to get amazing content regarding your choice.

  • Image Policy

If you subjective the Images and don’t want to let us utilization them. We take care of the personal information you share online. Flutter Story Media pile up personal information at some points, so please read the policies to secure that you fully understand our practices.

The images you want to extract, the registry from which you want to extract, and the details for extracting the images.

  • Newsletter Subscription

Email addresses are expected to join our newsletter subscription. Only verified email addresses with your previous consent will receive future updates from Flutter Story.

 It is a chance to obtain a zestful newsletter from a website. Once a user moulds in the subscription form on a website, a vindication email is sent to this email address to get the user twofold opt-in, and as per the outcome, the client goes off to gain automated emails.

How to Get in touch with us

If you have any queries or questions about the services or our privacy policies.

Please send your question to our email address We fix it directly. Or you can contact us for further information.